“For Sia: I feel like this may be strange to say this here. I love you so. Punch me if I stop crying. I raised a white flag for you, defeated finally. If strength were made of broken pieces, you and I would always win. It is, though, and building and statues wink at us. I could squeeze you to zero. I’ll never know another. What am I going to do? Punch me if I stop crying, and I’ll do the same. Love, Erik.”

“Take good care in the meantime.”

“One suggestion I have overall is to remember that you are going through all of this for a reason.  And, you’ve almost finished!  I know it is such a grind, but just a few more weeks to go and you will have accomplished something extraordinary and magnificent.  Please try to allow yourself to rejoice about where you are from time to time, so that you can sustain your energy and focus when things seem overwhelming.  You are on your way to contributing wonderfully to society, and I can’t wait to see how you take on the journey.”

No Judgement

“I have to give him credit for the fact he never judges me for my behavior. He never calls me names or criticizes me. Even when I piss him off, he doesn’t make me feel like I am doing anything wrong. My fear and insecurity comes out in the most insane ways, and sometimes I’m embarrassed by what I dish out. Relationships arent perfect and for some reason I find this refreshing. I appreciate that he wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to be upset when we hung up… Sigh. I lied and told him I would be fine.”